Our company has been formed and established in September 1994 by Cpt. Murat Yenilmez and Cpt. Mehmet Akillioglu. Both founders were graduates from “I.T.U Maritime Faculty” Ocean going deck officers and both had serviced at sea onboard of different type of vessels at world oceans. Both founder before establishing Orsa Tanker worked together at “Tupras” (state owned petroleum refinery now belongs to KOÇ Holding) shipping section for a couple of years as responsible of shipment/ transportation of crude oil and products over 26 million tons per year from all over world to Turkey and clients.


Orsa Tanker was in fact first private brokering and management Company focused on liquid cargo shipment and tanker vessels. Company policy was to pave the way for tanker chartering and brokering facilities in our country where only handful of chemical owners and oil tanker owners has been trading their vessels at worldwide market via foreign brokers in 1994. The Turkish Tanker vessels fleet was not very big at that times.

Orsa Tanker affiliated Intertanko member in 1994 and Intertanko chosen our company and “Dünya Denizcilik” for its council for representing our country for several years despite of our company size smaller than some Turkish tanker owners but our reputation was well known for them. We are also member of Bimco and several international shipping communities since establishment.


Company had taken some vessels into its management and time charter and commenced their trading activities. Company founders had very good reputation over the market so it helps for company to expand its activities in short period. Company added its management fleet 8 product and chemical tankers belong to Azerbaijan state owned company in 1996 for managing all over the world. We have served as exclusive broker for Foreign Oil trading companies, we have lifted “Baycorp-swiss” fuel contract for 6 years in Mediterranean. We have served to ”GNMTC Libya” to fix theirs suezmax tankers for Turkish Petroleum Company. We did some tanker business at inter Caspian Sea as broker We have served to “penta” for theirs oil and plastic cargoes as exclusive broker Our agency dept has served 150/200 vessel per year as charterer agent at Turkish ports.

The technical dept has been established in order to enhance the managed vessels standards in order to be more competitive at markets so Tech. Dept. focused on raising the vessel standards by rectifying a lot of elements on board in order to get some major oil companies approvals as well as reduce the problems faced during PSC inspections for much better profitability.

Dry cargo chartering and agency departments have been formed in 1997 and company expanded its activity to entire shipping sector in order to meet the demands of its clients. During the years, company has carried out some contracts on behalf of Malta state oil company, some Greek and Ukrainian steel companies as well as Azerbaijan state shipping company apart from spot market activities. We have operated 4 dry cargo vessels under our time charter strait 4 years as charterer and we have fixed to the market as disponent owner. We have operated 7 dry cargo vessel as exclusive our total fleet Was 35 vessel including tankers also we have served to “helveco group” at Greece every month 10 vessel as contract deal for scrap metal transportation. we performed 4 years Bulk Cargo Contract from Greek part of Cyprus to Israel with 3 vessels each month We did first parcel tanker operation at Caribbean Sea with under our risks as a first Turkish tanker operator during year 2004/2005.

Company is working also as Ship Repair Agent and Ship Repair Consultants in both Tuzla and Yalova Shipyard. Company has a wide range of contacts in the area and can provide full service and technical assistance for the owners’ benefit.

Company succeeded a couple of small size tanker sales to reputable foreign owners.